Thursday, January 7, 2010

while i've been sleeping: hot potatoes

while i've been sleeping-sick, the country has been snowglobing. everything slowing down, sliding into a glacial slumber. and unlike the feeling i had of calm while watching the snow in the states, here the weather is disconcerting. there are gas shortages forewarned. the gritters* are on full duty. de-icing trains are running on every tube track. this is the coldest winter in thirty years. and if it continues this way into march, they predict the coldest winter in a hundred. Z & i are not quite prepared. we moved from a treacherously snow-cold city in the states thinking we'd have a mellow winter over here (we cheerily left our down puffer coats & boots behind); instead we are iceboxed in our flat. so i'm thinking tonight, maybe we'll make like these baboons in knowsley park and try some jacket potatoes** to warm us up!

*gritters: salt trucks
**jacket potatoes: baked potatoes

{image via theguardian}

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