Friday, January 22, 2010

trading cities

we are back in the smoldered blacks of a rather rainy london--trading one wet sky-ed city for another. but, as always, it is so good to be home! (even if there are less macarons in england). today we woke super early to catch a few minutes in the beautiful history of Père Lachaise (above, two details from our morning walk). mid-way through we were surprised to see a gaggle of tiny schoolchildren on a fieldtrip! paris has so much depth, so many years tucked into its dark pockets--what a strange and wonderful way to see some of it. plus, it is such an odd comfort to hear laughter amidst the still & quiets of a cemetery. afterward, we grabbed a few parisian treats before heading to the train station and then we were off.
the last of the paris posts will be coming soon, but for now i am zonked. happy friday!

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