Wednesday, January 20, 2010

weather rooms & the typescaped dream (day two, part i)

yesterday was spent in a slower-motion: sleeping late, enjoying our meals as one should more often (the cheese alone worth an hour discussion), and wandering the city with our diana camera. we're slowly getting the settings right to shoot a good polaroid, though these pics will have to wait until our return. our first stop was the marche aux fleurs on ile de la cite. and what a sensation: long greenhoused buildings brimming with hothouse flowers, loud-colored petals, & that dark dirt-smell of plants. i nearly cried at the sight of the tiny wadded buds of about-to-open flowers, the huge-blooming camellias, and oh oh oh the hyacinths with their sudden punch-in-the-nose scent of spring! i also loved the stands of music-box mechanisms that one can purchase in various bad-tourists cases--Z & i played about a dozen of them, enjoying the creepy-bright ping pinging of their metallic notes. overall, being in the market was like visiting different weather rooms--which, after all the cold-wet of this winter, was as good as being filled up with carbonation. i'd highly recommend (and i imagine it's much more lush and stocked-up in the spring/summer).

on a sidenote: in paris the computer keyboard is a wild-ride--as my friend j said, in her fictioneer eloquence--a thing in need of translation itself (& the computer thinks every english word is mispelled!). but i love that the punctuation keys are primary over the numbers--it's a poet's typescaped dream. even if it takes me forever to create a correct sentence!


  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing the diana photos in time.

  2. Awww. Love your descriptions of the plant sensations, doll.


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