Wednesday, January 27, 2010

brilliant disguises!

a hardback leather case for my macbook, which disguises it as an antique book? i literally just swooned to a fainting! the bookbook, made my twelvesouth, is so kickass it hurts. as a writer, even though deep down i know the exact instrument doesn't matter, my computer is like a small whirring pet (ironically so close to poet?) which i feel rather protective over. so when we travel, i'm usually too chicken to bring it along. on the other hand, i also tend to resort to some ridiculous hiding techniques before we leave (it's hard to find sneaky places in such a small flat!).

that said: the implication that by disguising your computer as an antique book it becomes less desirable, did strike me as pretty hilarious. sad state for the world? or happy state for your computer? (for the record, i would be very likely to pick up a vintage book sitting on a table.) all in all it's a good thing that a) i've imposed a strict budget of buy nothing and b) they aren't shipping at the moment. (my birthday is far away--but hey, maybe they'll still be in stock! hint hint).

{via designcrush}

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