Tuesday, March 30, 2010

packing makes the heart grow...

frantic! Z & i have so much to do before we leave tomorrow it's a wonder we're not losing our heads. nothing like traveling the day before a serious set of deadlines. i'm sure we'll be up quite late packing & cleaning & doing the sort of travel-dance one does when they have left a boatload of things to the last minute. but it will all be worth it. tomorrow we'll be flying into italy, where i hear there are ruins made of light & spring spring spring. (in the meantime it's all printing, post-offices, & packaging up manuscripts for me).

{via atypicalart}


  1. have a fun trip! enjoy the gelato and the sunshine!
    i am kind of in the same mess...between dresses, orders, searching for a room, searching for dayjob...preparing to leave the country and get everything together for LONDON next week!

  2. liv, i've just sent you a speedy email--i'll be back in a bit and let's grab a drink and london-ize!


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