Thursday, March 18, 2010

coy embroidering

i've been a bit quiet this week because i've been preparing to give a lecture today. to three times the number of students i am used to speaking in front of. who will all be very british. & will likely think my upstate accent is whack. the lecture is about writing for a living. about poetry & literary journals in the states & the differences between american & british poetics. yikes! so, while i'm off being terribly nervous & a bit brain-tied, i thought i'd share one of the embroidery projects i finished last month. this coy little lady comes from a jenny hart pattern & was surprisingly simple. not too shabby for a second project (you can even click to enlarge her & check my stitches). i've since made a few designs of my own which weren't quite as successful, but hey, i'm learning. hopefully i'll be back this afternoon relieved & ready to dig back into my own writing. wish me luck!


  1. aw. you'll do brilliantly. and i love the coy lady. by the by, where is your hats and feathers header? I loved that too...

  2. Ooh, good luck! And this snappy little project is adorable.


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