Wednesday, March 3, 2010

on piers & seagulls

this morning i am off to brighton for a little british oceanside excursion--a make-myself-better by breathing salt-air & eating fried foods by the pier-side (& finding the gulls dressed like frenchfisherman so i can wish them a how-do-you-do). it's a much-needed break from deadlinings & elbow-rubbings & the many-layered mess that is trying to deal with the secretarial half of being a writer. oh, and the doldrums of computer screens. it's about time for a seeing & sounding & tasting--for a reminding that i am islanded in by such beautiful darkwaters.
(i think wayne pate's style is just the right mix of british-whimsical with a little side of vintage storybook).

{via goodshapedesign}

1 comment:

  1. ah, you're making me jealous. I'm so ready for an excursion...


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