Thursday, March 11, 2010

musical tables, wish-gifts

moving to a new country with as little as possible & living in a tiny studio flat (about three of my arm-lengths wide), Z & i weren't able to bring/have much in the way of extras. for Z, this has meant forgoing playing piano/keyboard for most of the year (the hours, understandably, to get into the practice rooms at the university are ridiculous!). i know all this not-playing breaks his heart a little. so, if i had mucho dollars i would buy him this electric piano table. not only would he be able to rock out, but we'd actually have spaces other than my writing desk for watching movies. & places other than the kitchen table for books & magazine & other day-to-day things that are so hard to put back on the shelves (meaning, we wouldn't eat on the floor because we are using our one table surface for so many stacks of books there's rarely room for plates). since it's electric, drinks would probably have to be off limits. & well, maybe it's a little romantic that we have books everywhere. right?!

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