Wednesday, March 3, 2010

penguined postcards

these penguin postcards, with their one hundred covers of total vintage glory all in one kicking box, had been tempting me like crazy for the past few weeks. saturday, stuffed full of sugar at the london-fields market, i finally broke. as someone who goes through miles of postcards for applications, having a set on hand will totally save me from anymore late night mad-dashes out to the corner store for the inevitably terrible london tourist ones. and for the price, these babies are actually a steal--only fifteen pence a postcard. that's way better than pretty much anywhere around islington. though i have to admit, it is a little hard to let any of them go. they really are that cool. (never fear statesiders, they are available in boatloads of places).

{via designmuseum}


  1. ugh! I just looked these up on Amazon because I don't live in England and, wouldn't you know, they won't be released until October 2010. I'll just have to live vicariously until then.

  2. oh man! sorry. i saw they were up on amazon us and didn't even think to look for the release date. it's definitely something to look forward to. :)

  3. They're great aren't they? I received a box for Christmas but they're all so lovely I don't want to use any up either. Reading your post had made me think that I must share the Penguin Postcard Love and start sending some.


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