Tuesday, March 2, 2010

spring jackets

dear built by wendy, in your spring preview you have a woman wearing the most fantastic green coat. with a zillion pockets. pockets which call for usual things like chapstick & glasses & tiny books; but also for more interesting (& sometimes heavier) things like smooth skipping stones & folded-up poems & boxes of matches & maybe even a small goldfish being taken home as a prize. this spring-fevering coat promises to hold many small cherishable things tucked neatly inside its dark, snapped pockets. it makes me want to walk nowhere for hours. hike around a forest with a map of the city. see the bronte sister's moors. climb up & down the greenery & gorges of ithaca. ride a bicycle through my childhood. but alas, i don't see it anywhere for the actual oggling/buying. & though i realize it is without-a-doubt way outside of my non-existent price range--a girl still likes to daydream & also to know for certain. what's the deal?! thanks, c.

1 comment:

  1. sigh. I love that you suggested carrying around a prize goldfish in your pocket. let me know if she gets back to you because I want that jacket too.


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