Friday, March 19, 2010

it's over!

it's finally becoming spring here & i swear the whole of this rain-soaked city is dying to burst into blossom. to celebrate the end of an intense few days, yesterday we headed for a long coatless (!) walk along the thames & then out & about for an afternoon of city-seeing. after more sun than the whole last month combined, we found our way to gordon's wine bar. what a divine way to wind down after a long week. the wine list is drool-worthy but the ambiance is key--the bar is underground & you drink in the dark, candle-lit tunnels! while i was a bit sad to head inside while there was still sun outside (down there it's like instant-evening) we were thrilled to be relaxing amidst tables of people laughing & having a good chat (no loud music or wild pub-goers here). we tried two fantastic cheeses, four kinds of olives, hummus, & three delicious wines. & we left more than a bit tipsy on everything. if that isn't enough to convince you, it turns out that gordon's was originally the home of samuel pepys in the the 1680s! you have to love a city where you can drink amidst history.

sorry for being barely-here this week. i promise more posts & london sundays coming up!

{images via gordons}


  1. I'm hesitant to declare it officially, but - shh! - (I think it's spring here, too)

  2. I absolutely love Gordon's one of London worst best kept secrets!


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