Friday, March 26, 2010


the good news is that in the last few days i started & finished a ridiculously challenging piece. and for me, this is cause for a serious celebration.* the bad news is that tending to language & poemetics is often exhausting & exhilarating in equal measures & so i've barely been writing on here this week. again. but i swear, it's not you, it's me. & i also swear that i will be back with the ever-promised london sundays posts. i know this because Z is making me go market-ing & city-seeing & various other ing-ings which involve the outdoor world of non-computers. which is good for me. because even though spring seems to have evaded london (other than one nice day last week) there is no better salve than to be wandering around in the bustle & dust of this rather sexy city. besides, the more i'm outside, the more the computer seems less jello-brain inducing when i return. i hope you are all having a killer friday/beginning of the weekend!

* i am, in fact, celebrating as i type this--with a delicious bitter chocolate beer we picked up from the borough market this afternoon. where we may also have indulged in/toasted with some cider champagne. finishing this piece = really big deal.

{image via heidislimane}

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