Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding graduate post, part two

my long-winded half of the graduate posting is now up! eight months in & the crazy feeling of being married still hasn't worn off.


  1. I saw your (and your husband's) re-caps/graduate posts on {un} Veiled Vows and just wanted to tell you how inspirational I'm finding them, on multiple levels. I remember seeing your wedding on 100 Layer Cake and loving it, and feeling like it might be one of the closer weddings to the kind my fiance and I are planning.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your words of wisdom and memories!

    (oh, and btw, we're also doing compostable dinnerware [I would love to go the thrift-store-mis-matched plates route, but it's not feasible for our location]. I was wondering: any particular retailer you would recommend?)

  2. thanks margaret! we went to a restaurant supply store & bought cornware plates in bulk and bought wooden compostable forks from a company in canada. if you want to send me an email ( i can give you more details on all of it!


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