Monday, March 29, 2010

rough & tumble

i don't know about you, but i'm really hard on handbags. i want to have lovely ones that stay glossed & sweet & make me feel like a slick lady of the forties. but in reality, i mostly use canvas totes or well-studded leather purses which are meant to be kicked around a bit. so i'm usually on the look-out for a bag which will hold up to my rough & tumble tendencies (& fit my mac in safely). this one from heritage is the perfect artist/carpenter/crafter/forget being shy, i'm a tough-lady bag. the kind of bag that would never ask to be kept clean & neat. that refuses to be properly slung over the arm of a suit. yeah. this is a hard working bad-ass of a bag. & i'd be proud to tote it around.

{via something'shidinginhere}


  1. Yes please! And have you ever noticed how darn heavy leather bags can get? As much as it rains here I still favor my linen, Lotta Jansdotter bags. But this one has that fabulously durable leather bottom. sigh.


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