Tuesday, March 23, 2010

un-swell swellings.

i've been having some serious allergy issues. & by issues i mean reactions that make my lips swell to 2 x angelina jolie's (i already have not so small lips). a week ago, this led me to the hospital walk-in & yesterday it was back to the doctor. i've spent a good many hours swimming in & out of antihistamine/steroid consciousness trying to make sense of what time/day it is. we're not sure if it's a food allergy or what, but the doc says that with each successive time it gets easier to trigger & is making me react to random things i'm not actually allergic to (making it hard to pinpoint). luckily the doctor prescribed me some non-drowsy superstrength antihistamines to start today, so keep your fingers crossed ( i love public healthcare). more posts to come now that i can make some sense! but first, i'm off to see a bit of this london spring-ing that i missed while cooped in a dreamstate for the last few days.


  1. Golly, sounds scary! Hope that you can sort it out soon and it's not too troublesome. All the best.

  2. oh no! I'm dealing with what I think is a sort of food allergy myself, but nothing so immediate and serious. I wish you well.

  3. thanks, ladies. i'm hanging in. & sera, take care of yourself! allergies just get worse, unfortunately.


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