Monday, April 5, 2010


such silences! there's been no internet-ing for us for the past week & it's been both a relief (seriously!) & a bit of a challenge. this is a city of history & light & ruins and less of the high-tech connections (i'm writing this from a mcdonald's where we found wireless finally!). for me, part of traveling has been the experience of writing the details out on here, unraveling the experiences as a language of happening. that said, traveling is also so much about folding oneself into a city--the feeling & movement of it. in rome, this has been about letting go of our usual way of being--of stressing & rushing & bouncing between deadlines; of internet & telephones & technology as a time saving. instead of the bustle & dust of london we've been enjoying a type of lengthening, of the light--of wandering & eating (my god, the food!) & listening to the song of another language spoken on trams & sidewalks & in hotel lobbies. we've been doing a lot of reading & soaking in the history it takes to create a ruin.we've also been forgetting to sleep! (who wouldn't, what a place to be!) i promise to post more regularly this week, but i am thinking of taking a bit of this less computerered mentality home with me. happy monday from rome!


  1. Buon giorno! My fiance is dying to go to Rome for our honeymoon. Upon your return, I would love to hear your tips for traveling! Places to eat, places to stay (for budget travelers like us), and your general opinion about the city as a honeymoon destination. Thank you! And enjoy! xo.

  2. Rome is one of my most favourite of all my favourite cities, the only thing to do when not there, is watch Roman Holiday with Gregory peck and Audrey Hepburn, a veritable moving postcard.

  3. letter: i love the idea of the moving postcard, like a zoetrope.

    nicole: i looked for an email for you to send some info, but couldn't find one?


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