Monday, April 19, 2010

volcanic ash over london

grounded planes. abandoned runways. ash alchemized to glass. ice the size of small houses. flash floods. paralyzed skies. smoke plumes. it is a rather strange time to be in europe. it's quieter. sharper. anxious. volcanoes are usually such shy & slumbering disasters. then with a literal bang, we seem to have found ourselves in a serious flight crisis. of course, my best friend J is scheduled to arrive on satuday. i haven't seen her since the wedding. & there's so much of a city to unfold! so please cross your fingers (especially for all these stranded & stressed-out people--the stories of people out of money, sleeping in airports on issued crackers makes my stomach ache). dream of clear skies, of this pesky volcano settling itself back into blackout.


  1. Oh, lovely, nothing could stop me from seeing you this week, not even a volcano! Will just add to the lore!! xo

  2. yeah i got stuck as well. so so weird.
    but it worked out for the best so far ; )

  3. liv, i've been wondering how you're holding up. some me an email soon!


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