Monday, April 12, 2010

home-made soup

Z & i are back in london after a staggering week of city-ing & eating, family & unfathomable architecture. post sleeping off plane-rides & airport food, we spent the whole of yesterday rearranging our flat so we could feel a sense of newness, of this incredible edging into spring. truthfully, it felt like moving into our flat all over again--what a thrill to wake up facing a new direction, on the other side of the room, like finding yourself mid-night in a strange hotel! but this morning i also woke up feeling a little under energized. so Z is making me some delicious soup as we catch up on the domesticities of trip returns. i highly recommend trying this roasted amazingness, not in the least because it is very little work (just chop & shove into the oven, blend & then heat). i fell in love with parsnips on my first trip to nova scotia--Z's mom made traditional matzah-ball soup that featured these ghosted vegetables & i've been hooked ever since.

p.s. i promise there are actual pictures of italy to come this afternoon. despite some sadness, it's actually fantastic to be back in our dark city--we're home!


  1. Arrgh, that looks so, so good!

  2. Nothing beats homemade soup, truly. A lovely homecoming :)

  3. yum, that looks so good! I don't know why, but I haven't made very much soup this winter. I think I have to make this!!


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