Wednesday, April 14, 2010

small perfections, or a kind of self indulgence

my first impulse after any kind of sadness or loss is to find unexpected sparks, tiny things which fill me up with fizz. an example--having lived here for 8 months now, i have perfected the ability, without measuring, to pour the exact right amount of milk into the pan for morning hot chocolate. and by exact, i mean milk that when poured hot hits right at the lip of any of our (three) mugs. there's something to be said for elegance on a small scale. not too mention that i actually look forward to the sound of the gas igniting--a tiny parachute bursting open in the kitchen.

p.s. the above heart chocolate was consumed at the flower market on valentines day. heart petals in the milk bubbles of my beverage are not quite my style. also, i am slide-showing it up for the italy pictures. soon to be posted!


  1. I love a latte flourette. back in my coffee slinging days I used to be able to pour them. the secret to a flourette is just the right amount of milk in the pitcher to fill the cup to the brim. as silly as it is, every time I poured a perfect flourette, I gave out a little bit of love, so, I have a special appreciation for getting a love filled cup of joe.
    I hope you find your ring soon. I like to think that I can let go of most of my possessions, but there are a few that would really, truly hurt. and what a beautiful tradition of the index finger. I'm so glad you shared it.

  2. Impressive!

    How do you make your hot chocolate?


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