Sunday, December 6, 2009

train stations as salve

one of my favorite places to visit in london is the train stations. the light & arch, the girders & bustle; the incredible sense of purpose that people possess while rushing about. train stations are as functional and awe-inspiring as indoor bridges, and as architecturally detailed as cathedrals. but in london, they are truly staggering. whenever i am feeling gloomy, i head off to st. pancras with a good book. i wander around amidst the travelers, sometimes stopping for a croissant and a glass of wine or hot cocoa. sometimes just gliding up and down the escalators on repeat. i imagine myself into other people and their lives. i invent their story or dream myself into their adventures. and the stress and sadness lifts off me, up into the beautiful vaults of the ceiling. this place houses some sensational stations. and i highly recommend a visit if you are feeling swallowed in the city's darks. (at home, wegmans was my tiffany's, with it's endless aisles and bright groups of food/boxes/people. everyone has to have a place that makes them feel that better things are going to happen).


  1. I was just musing to myself how much I miss Wegman's. Not only cause there's so much I never knew I could only find there and not in normal supermarkets (tzaziki anybody? no?) but because of it's layout and friendliness and how there was always something there that was tempting me to try something new. Glad you found that abroad, love.

  2. This is lovely. I've never articulated the feelings myself but now that you mention it I find the sense of purpose at train stations strangely reassuring. I always find myself walking through Liverpool Street station in a good mood so maybe this is why!


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