Thursday, December 3, 2009

avoiding the paper party (part two): tin ribbons

Z & i have a mini collection of typewriter ribbon tins that we purchased in various antique stores over the years (including the galaxy one above). they represent the writerliness of us both and our love of old-school attention to design. but vintage tins also make perfect houses for gifts--earrings or cuff links or small antique ornaments. and typewriter ribbon tins, in particular, would make fantastic holiday gift boxings for people. they'd also make great individualized thank yous to your bridesmaid/groomsmen/general wedding party, each of whom undoubtedly has a different style & personality. we would have used them for our wedding, but our giftings didn't quite fit! in any case, the tins are super easy to find on ebay--though much much more expensive than if you spend some time searching at flea markets or the like.

(man. sometimes i wish was there was a job where i could get paid to come up with new ways to re-use old items. i love the challenge!)

{images via uppercase}

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