Wednesday, December 9, 2009

after travel unravellings

i have found that it is best to include one at-home day as part of your traveling plans. the day after you return is not the kind of day you should plan to do anything too serious. or anything that needs real energy. so yesterday was not spent unpacking or making lists to help us get ready for our travel home to the states. it was, instead, spent curled up in our warm duvets reading books; knitting christmas gifts and watching tv episodes. and, because it's not all just fun and games, it was also spent working on a first draft of a poem i started in lisbon. to me, minus our heating issues, it was the perfect post-travel day. and today--well, it's back to the grit and grind of real life.
(p.s. our internet is being spotty--so bare with late posted posts).

{image via thisisn'thappiness}

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