Tuesday, December 1, 2009

old life meet new life.

pictures might be happening in our near future! so this afternoon, with the possibility in sight, i actually let myself think a little about our wedding. the weeks leading up to it, while extremely stressful, were also a unique sort of moment in the snowglobe of our lives. there was sunning and friends and family. there was ithaca at the height of its gorgeousness (a word, now that i'm not living there, i can use!). there was our fireplace/ceiling/windows/walls filled up with garlands (if you click on the pic above, you will see just how papered our livingroom became). there was watching the sky lie down on the lake from our fifth story apartment. there was fireworks & balloon-views up on the illegally visited rooftop of our 1920s building (where nabakov lived for a while). there was anticipation bouncing between us.

and the pay off for all the work and stress and crazies was phenomenal. our wedding was rocktastic. it was truly the most Z&C sort of party we could have planned. we were grounded and untethered at the same time. our guests were all light and drinks and dancing (as evidenced by the picture above where you see we are mid-thriller). but while re-minding over all these things, what i felt wasn't nostalgia. it was the absolute fizz and bang of looking at the right now. and at all the future nows ahead of us. how far we have gone/will go in just the few months since we were married: from ithaca, to rochester, to toronto, to london, to paris, to birmingham, to lisbon, to toronto to home again. a whirwinding. a living. a life. and our relationship is changing alongside all the rush and individual beauty of these cities--shimmying and shifting in the electric space of travel as we craft a new section of our histories. which is all to say--i am grateful, even amidst new stresses, that we made this wild decision to pack up and head across the ocean. (though i do miss my family so much i tend to dream i am saving them from some ridiculous and not actually dangerous thing).

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