Monday, December 14, 2009

on air, or oh baby it's cold outside

right now i am in the air over the ocean, heading home--filled up with blinking lights and excitement over the snowglobing i am flying into. i am so ready for: smalltowns, houses, & liftbridges; tiny niece-hands & bright mittens; ornamenting trees & sugaring cookies; swinging with ella fitzgerald; sliding on icy sidewalks; snowmonster making & balled-up snow thrown at loved ones; home-cooked chili & shepherd's pie; first married hanukkah & christmases; sleeping in real beds; N's amazing secret-recipe breakfast potatoes; new babies & old friends; the thrill & many-expletive moments of ornament making; filling up stockings strung along fireplaces & staircases; waking my sister on christmas morning (we will never be too old for this); the just-lit-match scent of wintering air; and eggnog eggnog eggnog. man oh man. my heart is all hot-air-ballooning. home--here i come!

{image via unknown}

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