Monday, December 21, 2009

thanks to you/ornaments

Z & i are having a raucous time here in the states. we've been visiting friends and fam and soaking in all the burn & bite of this snow-filled cityscape. but before it's officially christmas eve-ing and present time, i wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all you amazing readers for your support over the past three and half months since i moved off to london and started this little endeavor. writing here has been a good way to keep connected, to meet some new friends, and to jump-start poetics. so thanks! i hope all of you are having a fantastic week--may your days be filled with family, food, and the whirring of holiday lights. more posts post-christmas! for now, a sneak peak of our finished typewriter key snowflake ornaments (i'll have some close-ups and details next week. Z & i are considering putting some in an etsy shop, any thoughts?). in the meantime, happy holidays to all of you!

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