Thursday, December 3, 2009

avoiding the paper party (part one): canvasing

i am the first to admit that i am obsessed with wrapping paper. every year i find an exquisite roll and carefully use every centimeter of it--i love origami-esque creasing and secret circles of tape. i dig the challenge of working with super difficult paper (last year i chose something more like flocked wallpaper than wrapping). but this year, i'm thinking sustainable--for the environment & for cost--why pay for something that goes in the garbage? these DIY canvas bags would make rocktastic houses for gifts. instructions here.

(for the record, my paper love has nothing to do with my family. my parents long ago abandoned wrapping for re-usable and beautiful matryoshka-like boxes. every year they pull them out and just re-tag. way to go rentals!).

{via designsponge}

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