Friday, December 11, 2009

the round-up

beat-boxing flute anyone?!

these stole my heart

this print or this breathing analysis would make great gifts for your literary-minded buddies (Z bought me one of the first-edition kafkas last year!)

i've been impatiently awaiting this for years! i hope it has some killer cake or death moments

these melting notes are haunting & beautiful

a sweet ring, a rocking necklace, a delicate bracelet

the most incredible thesaurus which maps language in a more visual format (i couldn't live without it).

a glamorously everyday vintage find

leave it to a kick-ass poet to finally snag an etsy artist for a book cover

re-usable wrapping? yes please!

a scary but staggering video that's been floating around--it vibes off max ernst-style collage and weird animal-mythology (& i think one lady even borrows fornasetti's classic julia face)

today i am off to some silly souvenir shops for stocking stuffers (oh, the alliteration). it's hard to believe it's almost time to head back across the ocean for the holidays. i can't wait to see everyone (including my friend J's new little dot--i can't believe he's almost a week old!)

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