Monday, May 10, 2010

wet sandwiches

today was not a good day. tomorrow does not look promising either. in the midst of my decidedly un-violet melancholy, i need to prep for teaching. meet deadlines. remember how to sleep. i'm trying to keep a stiff upper lip, drink lots of tea, distract myself in a mizzle of words. but nothing is really helping. any suggestions? in the meantime, i've been listening to a lot of this. why do sad songs always make me feel happier?!

on a sillier note: i'm in love with a slang term i learned for someone whose a bit overly sad all the time--a wet sandwich. isn't it so fitting?! today i am a total wet sandwich.


  1. I'm with you. Getting out of bed this morning was not easy.

    No suggestions, but I think sad songs make you feel better than happy ones because who wants some cheery jerk gloating in your ears? :)

    Hope you start feeling better.

  2. I think after a good bout with the sad songs, you have to pick yourself up with some happy songs. get up and dance. I have become quite the wet sandwich myself these days and honestly, the only thing that has helped is working out. You spend a lot of time inside your head, maybe take a break and get out of it. Some people are good with meditation and yoga, I need to move to feel truly better. I know that, but I often forget.

  3. what an adorable picture. i'm going to start using that term as well!


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