Tuesday, May 11, 2010


any of you london readers in need of some furniture? sadly, Z & i are having to wind down our year here a few weeks early (unexpectedly) so we'll be needing to get rid of our furniture lickety-split! despite our best efforts to keep our place pretty spare we still have quite a bit. there's a beautiful georgian dining table (with foldable wings) & two chairs, three metal book shelves, a small modern love-seat that pulls out into a bed, a vintage style clothing rack, two danish modern chairs (Z is eating a donut on one above), a long mirror, and the thing i am saddest to let go of--a vintage school desk with two opening sides (perfect for storage or to turn into a vanity with a mirror inside). if you are interested i'll send pics via email.


  1. When will you be back in the states? Come visit!

  2. your furniture sounds amazing...sadly, i'm on the other side of the atlantic (where you will be soon?). do you know yet where you'll be landing?

  3. oh yes me maybe!!!
    i found a furnished room for now, but have to move shortly and
    will maybe need soem beautyful things!
    how sad you are leaving already...
    but: my new life here started really well! i am so in love with london!
    i need a mirror for sure.
    can you email me pics?
    thank you so much!

  4. liv, yes of course! i know, it's so sad that i have to leave so suddenly. i'm mourning london already. i will email pics for certain in the next few days!


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