Thursday, September 17, 2009

welcomes (& secrets involving luggage)

welcome to my blog!—a place where i’ll be recording my adventures in london. the plan is to write about life here, sans the touristy american-in-europe-for-the-first-time feel. i’ve never been particularly patriotic (though it so much easier to say you’re an american here with obama rocking it out as president), but it is definitely interesting to be living in a new country with different cultural norms. i’ll be in london for at least a year, writing poetry, and figuring out how to navigate in this new space. i hope to observe the city as a both a guest and resident. the blog will range from the literary to the chic, to the curious and beautiful, to the everyday fizz of the ordinary day in london. (oh, and occasionally i might mention my crazy canadian lover)

the secret truth, though?! my man and i are actually heading off for our honeymoon today, so regular posts will begin next tuesday (hopefully with some incredible shots of vintage dresses!). in the meantime, here are my plans for paris:

poems & bazaars, vintage dresses & bicycles, macarons & boat rides, sparkling-cider-picnics & art, fashion & tangled streets, crepes & thin-alley-kisses. the last of the polaroid film from our wedding & an apartment in the 5th (& oldest) arrondissement!

welcome! welcome! welcome! and see you next week!

(images via 13bees and tim walker)

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