Wednesday, September 23, 2009

arrivals & broken toilets

we returned from paris to find: our supposedly just-plumbered toilet was no longer flushing, our boiler's pressure had dropped back down to zero (no hot water), & the clothing-system that held pretty much everything we own had a meltdown. today was spent bribing our toilet to swish away its contents, meeting with the landlord, and figuring out a place to put our newly shelf-less clothes/shoes/coats/books. while we are both happy the system didn't fall on us while we were sleeping (our miniature-fold-out-matchbook-bed is right underneath) we are a bit sad that the previous tenant failed to mention that the system wasn't bolted into the ceiling (and that bolting said system in to the ceiling was not a possibility). so tonight you'll find my man and me drinking beaujolais, building our cool vintage-style iron clothing rack, and attempting to finish nestling into our new flat. i will continue coveting the bathroom above as well as being glad that i don't have to use the odd purple crepe-toilet-paper i found in some of the public french bathrooms!

(image via blackhybride and myself)

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  1. You have to admit, purple toilet paper is pretty cool! Miss you, doll!


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