Thursday, September 24, 2009

on fall & toast

right now, i am missing the crackle of the first few days of fall in upstate new york. here it has been cold since our arrival (i had to purchase a trench coat immediately even though it was still august!) and the smell of the afternoon is more automobiles & grass than light & leaves. while i am sure it will be as crinkly-dry-leaved as ithaca in a few days, there isn't the same buzzed delight which i am usually filled with in fall: that while the days get shorter, there is still a crisp newness--sweater tights & jackie-o jackets, the smell of the evening air like a just-lit match.

for now, i have a few images from the new toast catalog to rev me up for this british autumn. i do dig the whole herringbone and spectator feel. and, on a different design note: we finally have pillows for our couch (they are a biting bright purplish-pink against the deep grey) which we purchased from habitat. i never knew how much i loved reading with my head on a pillow until we didn't have any. the flat is starting to feel more our own, rather than a tornado of luggage and clothing.

this evening there will be poems and poetry journals and figuring out what places accept online submissions. and, as always, book contests which have a way of sneaking up on me. as did the fact (just now) that i have no understanding of the british postal system. oh, royal mail, let you be easy to deal with.

(images via toast)

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