Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sappy holidays.

i'm not usually a sappy music person. but this cover, used in the current john lewis christmas ads, is really stark in its beauty (& fits my criteria for stunning cover songs). the video makes me miss england, deeply. hope everyone is hanging in--stringing their lives with lights & enjoying the beginning of december's snowglobing.


  1. yes, i've been to the houdini show at the jewish museum. it was very interesting, though many of the objects (handcuffs, trunk, etc) were reproductions. congrats on the book!

    lydia davis, love!

    and poetry! there was some poetry read last year, though for some reason i never count it in lists, i suppose b/c i pick my way through the poetry, not reading cover to cover. reading matthew zapruder lately. and pale fire. recommendations encouraged.


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