Wednesday, October 13, 2010

swamp things.

anyone who tells you that your first semester teaching a new class is going to be "fine" should probably be kicked in the shins. numerous times. i'm closing down on week 6 of the quarter. & i'm a complete swamp--sticky with essays & an apartment exposed to the tornado (& subsequent debris) of no-time-to-deal. Z has been a rockstar with cooking & cleaning & i have been...a swamp thing. (albeit a functional teacher swamp!). because we're commuting this semester (Z lives in ithaca three days a week, where he's a student) everything seems so much harder to focus on. when you don't see your man all that often, what is a clean bathroom anyway?! the truth is, next quarter will be better. easier. less numbingly fast! & i will be a better writer. will find less snags to my must-write-more-than-one-night-a-week plans. will remember that there is nothing like the feeling of finishing a piece. not even the feeling of that piece getting accepted. (though they are close! & i have had a sweet streak of acceptances in the past month). our scanner should be up and running soon(ly). then there will be wild apple polaroids & apartment snapshots. i swear. for now, a sneak-peak.

p.s. this shot is not photoshopped.


  1. I'm identifying with you completely - new school and so new class. I feel I'm coming out of it - but maybe that's because our half term is around the corner. Keep going....

  2. That's a great picture. Someone showed me a picture of your wedding and I have been reading through your posts. We haven't even set a date yet but a sudden gust of excitement took over and I have loved reading about yours. Your dress is the most stunning I have seen!

  3. Joan, I know! What a mess of stress. Hope you are hanging in!

    Kelly Louise, Welcome! If you have any questions let me know.


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