Wednesday, October 14, 2009

swings & dresses for breakfast

this is a strange little ad for victoria beckham's new autumn/winter line of dresses, shot along a row of georgian townhouses in notting hill (west london). i love the swings in doorways (i dig the almost-creepy rope sounds and the over-cheerful birds). but what am i really mesmerized by as i am watching this? the swings at the bus stops! we spend a boatload of time waiting for those double-deckers to pick us up and take us across the city (i felt quite accomplished when i realized how to hail one properly). swinging while waiting would be much more thrilling! as i was posting this i remembered reading about an artist who had done some sort of instillation involving swings at public transportation stops. so i did some research. and low and behold! posh seems to be stealing someone else's art! link here. (and it was in london! for shame!)

i have to admit that while we also live in a row of georgian conversions/townhouses, they are not nearly as fancy.

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